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In the year 2000 the castle was decaying rapidly. Ivy was growing everywhere and bushes and other nature elements were taking over the castle. Luckily there was the family Roosens who bought the estate and restored it back to its old glory.
The history of this place is shrouded in mystery. It looks like a medieval edifice but the first traces of the castle we find back in 1674 when the castle was erected for Charles – Ignace de Colins. Then there is nothing written about the place for more then 200 years. Who were the owners? Nobody seems to know. De family de Heurions owned the place just before the second world war. An articles from the archeological society of Namen published in 1872 mentions that Tracienne was dependable of the castle of Thy Le Chateau that was owned by important famiies like Melun, Ligne, Rohan and Cro˙. However may have lived in this castle we only can thank the family Roosens for restoring this beautiful place. The castle is private property but you can view it from the public road.