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Castle Tudor is situated in a large green area close to the city Brugge. When Cécile van der Renne de Daelenbroeck married Knight Stanislas van Outryve d'Ydewalle in 1902 she got some land as a wedding present from her grandmother Adèle de Man. The newlyweds decided to build a castle on the land. In 1904 a castle in Tudor style was built after the plans of Baron Kervyn de Lettenhove. Cécile and Stanislas were very fruitful having nine kids. Four unmarried daughters would be the last of the d'Ydewalle dynasty who would live at the castle. The city of Brugge bought the castle in 1981 and they opened it to the public turning it into a place where you could hold your wedding and other parties. The castle is since 2000 back in private hands but it kept it same function.