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The borthers Anselme and Winand de Wilhonriw show up in 1273 as the owners of the castle. In 1292 it is the names Guillaume and Béatrice de Williouren that are connected to the castle. In 1350 it is Jean d'Argenteau Lord of Awilhonrieu. His daughter Catherine marries with Knight Conrad de Schoonvorst. The daughter of Conrad marries with Guillaume de Horion. Their granddaughter marries with Gérard de Ghoor. The castle stays in the Ghoor family until Claude Herman de Ghoor falls during the battle of Gemblours on January 31, 1578. The castle goes to his sister who is married to Herman Thierry de Millendonk.
In 1663 Vieljaren is sold to Marie Agnés de Bautze and her sisters. They can't come up with the money and so it is sold to Adam de Croonenberg, Lord of Henri Chapelle and Ruyff. In 1710 it is sold to a certain mister Cotzhausen. The next 200 years the castle is sold numerous times. Victor Auguste Jacob buys the castle in 1934. Their daughter sells the domain to Muylkens who sells it immediately to the current owner mister M. Wolter a German industrial.
The castle can be viewed from the public road.