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The castle of Vierset is for the first time mentioned in 1090 as Versaih. It was a fortified farm with four towers. I do not know much more about the early history of this chateau. So we make a leap in time to the end of the 18th century when the building was besieged and burned down by the troops of Prince Bishop Henri van Gelder. It was rebuild by General de Billehé, Knight of the order of Malta and commander of the fierce and famous Vierset regiment that served Austria. In 1818 it was passed on to Francois – Charles de Mercy – Argenteau Chamberlain of Napoleon Bonaparte. It stayed in his family until 1877.
Later on it went to the d'Overschie family who was followed by the de Neerysche, Lamarche and Lamalle families. Architect René Bruggeman is now the owner of this the beautiful chateau that he restored with passion. In the out buildings is now a bed and breakfast and in the castle are sometimes art exhibitions or other cultural events.
The chateau can be found in the village Vierset.