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The keep of Villeret is located in the small village of Saint-Martin close by you also find the castle farm of Balatre. The tower was built by Ybert de Villeret in the first half of the 13th century. He was a vassal of the count of Namen and the keep was used as a watchtower on the border with the Duchy of Brabant. The keep was used as a prison during the war of the cow between 1274 & 1277. During the second part of the 15th century a farm with stables & barns were added and everything was walled in. The keep had lost its military function and between 1524 and 1857 it was the residence of the local tax collector. At the end of the 19th century the keep was is a state of decay and was used as a cow shelter.
I have no clue who owns the tower now but the keep is restored and all windows and door are walled up so that no vandals can enter the keep. The out buildings and terrain around the keep are overgrown and in a messed up state. When I was there in April 2009 the terrain was fenced off but in such a bad way that entrance is still easy. If you plan to trespass do it on your own risk! I have no idea what the future hold for this keep but it is in perfect condition.