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When you are visiting Gaasbeek it is worth to making a little detour via Dilbeek where you will find castle Viron. The castle functions as the city hall now. It was built in 1862 for the Family Viron. Architect J.B. Cluysenaar designed it. The castle has an English character and it supposedly has a complete calendar inside it, 12 towers, 7 staircases, 52 rooms and 365 windows.
In the park on an island in the pond you will see the Sint Helena tower. This is the only remaining tower of the 14th century castle with five towers that stood on this spot. It was owned by the family Heetvelde. The castle burned down in 1695 and was later rebuilt by the family Malo. Baron Viron buys the castle in 1804. After the new castle is finished the old one is demolished except for this one tower.