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Not much is left of the castle of Vieux Jardin. First of all I will explain you how to get there. Park your car near the church of Dieupart. Cross the street and walk under the railway bridge. Go immediately to your left on the dirt path that goes uphill beside the cave entrance. Keep following this path and after a steep climb you will see the few remains that are left of the castle.
Vieuxjardin belonged to the ancestors of the Monjardin who lived later in castle Monjardin in Remouchamps and also the first lords of Aywaille lived in this stronghold.
In the 11th century the castle was in the hands of Reine the daughter of Conon, Count Oltingen. She was married to Count Renaud van BourgondiŽ en Macon. She left the castle to the monks of the abbey Cluny who used it as a shelter in troubled times.
The monks built in the valley other buildings that were more suited for their life style and abandon the castle completely. The castle stands empty and decay sets in turning the building slowly into a ruin. People start to use the ruins as a Stone quarry. They use the stones to expand and repair the church of Dieupart.
During excavations in 1928 wall fragments are found. The next excavations took place in 1977 and 1994 and they show that there were three successive fortifications on this spot. Not much is known about these three strongholds.. The oldest one could date back to the Roman times.
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