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Originally the castle was a square building with a round tower on every corner. Vlattenhaus was a one of the best fortified castles in the area. The castle was in the first part of the 14th century built by Peter van Eynatten after the old family castle had collapsed. In 1475 the castle goes to Heinrich von Vlatten. The castle stays in the Vlatten family until it is sold to Frans Hanotte in 1696. The castle goes to his son Jean Oliver who dies in 1714. The castle goes then to his mother who bestows the castle to the Jesuits from Achen who become full owners in 1732.
The Jesuits demolish the old 14th century castle in 1761. They erect a smaller building that was nothing like the old castle. A large part of the building collapsed in the middle of the 19th century. In 1944 during fights between the US and German army an American bomb hits the castle that is damaged severely.
If you look on the internet for information about Vlattenhaus you will notice that they talk about a ruin. As you can see on the pictures they built a modern building inside the ruin. It is a way to preserve Vlattenhaus for future generations. The castle located in Eynatten can be viewed from the public road.