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The 14th century castle that stood on this place was destroyed during the First World War. The original castle was first in the hands of the family Vriesele. After that it was property of the family Edingens and a whole string of other families until it came in the hands of the family Halmales. This mighty magistrate family kept the domain until the end of the 17th century. They sold it to the Counts of Oultermont who sold it in 1876 to the Cousins. The Counts of Bergeyck, descendants of the famous Belgians Colbert, rebuild the castle after the disastrous years of the First World War in neo renaissance style. They lived in the castle until 1974 and gave the domain then to the Antwerp Province council.
The castle and domain are now a provincial park. You can make long walks in the vast park. The castle itself is now a museum of textiles, particularly woven and lace works.
There is also a tavern on the domain where you can have a drink and a bite. The domain is situated in Oelegem. Take the E34 Antwerpen to Eindhoven, take exit 19 and follow the signs.