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The small village of Villers Le Temple is interesting for at least two reasons. The Templar knights erected here in the 13th century a castle. The first commander of Villers Le Temple was Gerard van Abée who passed away in 1273. After the liquidation of the Templar Knights order by Pope Clemens VI in 1312 the castle was transferred to the order of the Knights of Malta. They would stay until the Austrian times. You still can see the remains of this once impressive Templar castle in the village. Three corner towers, parts of curtain walls etc. Not far from the Templar castle remains you find a second building that is of interest. Manoir de la Tour (the 3 pictures to the right) is a castle that is constructed against a 13th century keep. The more recent buildings against the keep date back to the 16th century.
The first know owner of the keep was Willem van Seresia. After him a whole string of important people would own the castle… Corbeau de Poulseur major of Liege, Thierry Poullon commander of the citadel of Huy, Claude van Brabant-Withem, Henri Herlet, Barthélémy de Résiment, Colonel Bartholomeus van der Linden and in 1880 Lambert Rerginster who started a brewery to commercialise the water from the old spring of the Templar castle.
The castle is since 1954 property of Léon Moureau who restored the building beautifully.
Both the Templar remains as the Manoir de la Tour can be viewed from the public road.