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Castle Waldenburg may be at first sight not the most exciting castle. It is a heavy rectangular building. The old castle of Merols that stood on this location was already known in the 14th century. It was a stronghold surrounded by a moat this castle disappeared completely it is also not known who were the first owners.
Bauduin Crummel owns the castle in 1560. He leaves the estate to his daughter Christine who is married with Jean de Horpush. They give the castle to Thierry de Bertolf de Belven.
In 1661 it is property of Colonel André de Waldenburg. He is the one who demolished the old stronghold and builds' a new castle. He dies in 1694 and leaves the castle to his son Jean Francois de Waldenburg who was a general. In 1773 the castle goes to Jacques Alexandre de Royer. He sells the domain in 1776 to the brothers Nicolas Jean and Pierre Nicols Francois de Hadiamont. Nicolas Jean de Hodiamont lives in the castle all his life and restores it.
During world war one the castle is lived in by the sisters Henriette and Victorine de Résimont. They run out of money and sell the castle to Jules Keller in 1917. He sells the castle in 1920 to Baron André Franssen de Cortenbach d'Eynatten. The Baron dies in 1964 and leaves the domain to his widow and his four children.
The castle is private property but can be viewed from the public road in the village Kettenis.