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Nestled in a swampy land, the ruins of the fortress of Wahlain brings back an era when Walhain was dotted with a certain prestige known to the whole county. Its construction started at the end of the 12th century under the Duke of Brabant Henri 1st. The Walhain family stayed the masters of the site until the death of Arnould V in 1304. From then on, the lordship left the family heritage to end up in the hands of strangers. From 1304 to 1430, the castle knew a very dark period when several lords succeed each other and left the castle unattended. This small decline was interrupted when Antoine of Glimes, member of the most prestigious family of Brabant bought back the lordship in 1430. At this time the Walhain found its old glory back, becoming the center of a very powerful lordship which included amongst others the villages of Bonlez and Villers-Perwin. In 1532, a good century after finding its strength again under the Glimes, Charles Quint himself made this news official by pointing Wahlhain as the main town of the county. This event marked the apogee of its influence and its power. This era of splendor didn't last much even though the county lasted until the French Revolution. In fact, after the death of Jean IV of Berghes in 1567, the castle was left to ruins by its successive owners and continued to deteriorate in spite of regular restorations. Today only some romantic ruins or left of this once mighty stronghold. The keep is still towering proud over this location. You also can still see clearly the traces of the moat witch is now covered with luscious grass and buttercup flowers. This lovely castle located in the middle of the town of Walhain can be visited freely.