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In the town of Willebroek and formerly independent municipalities around it we can find several small castles.

On the picture to the left you can see castle Bel Air that was built in 1810 on the grounds of the farm Briart by major Charles du Trieu. In the beginning of the 20th century it was owned by the brewery family Van den Bogaert. Now it is used as art gallery or other expositions. The park is public.

On the second picture you can see castle De Kraag. It already existed in the 18th century as a weekend retreat. Later on in the 19th century it was used as a distillery. In the 20th century it was sold to the company ASED who used it as a recreation and lodging for their employees. Today it is a wine bistro.

The picture in the middle is of castle De Bocht. It is located along the river Rupel. It is mentioned since the 18th century but its history goes probably much further in time. It used to be property of the Counts of Hoorne and from major Coppiets of Brugge. The current building dates from 1779. It has been property of several majors of Heidonk since 1788.
It is now under restoration. The castle can be viewed from the Rupel bank.

The fourth picture is chateau Lefebvre. It dates back to the 19th century and was owned by several majors of Blaasveld. The current building dates back to 1921 in neo renaissance style. It is now a restaurant tavern.

The picture on the right is of castle De Naeyer. The castle was demolished in the 50's to make room for the factory De Naeyer. The factory closed later its doors.