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Raas Van Borsele laid down the first stones of castle Wissekerke in 1238. In 1510 the castle was sold to Lieven Van Pottelsberghe, counselor for Emperor Carl. Lieven left the castle to his son Frans who died without a heir. So the castle went to Frans’s mother who gave it to her brother Servaas Van Steenlandt. The castle got destroyed in 1562 by the army of Marnix van Sint-Aldegondon . They started to restore the castle in 1590 and in 1803 they filled up the moat in front of the castle. Architect J.B.Pisson replaced the square windows with the one's you see now.The last major restorations took place in 1850 and in 1906. In the park you see the world's oldest hanging bridge which was engineered by architect Vifquin in 1820. The bridge is 28 meters long and can hold 40 tons. The family of Count VILAN XIIII lived in the castle until 1987. After that it became property of the village of kruibeke. It is possible to visit the castle with a guide or you can rent parts of the castle. For more information call +32 3 740 04 00 (8.00am – 5.00 pm). You can find Wissekerke a bit to the South of Antwerp on the left bank of the river.