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Of the feudalistic stronghold build on assignment of Wouter Berthout that stood once on this place is nothing left. Castle Zellaer, which is constructed in white sandstone, acquired it present looks in 1885. Archtitect Heugebaarts designed the castle after the example of a Loire castle. Zellaer is a square castle with three round and one square tower. This concept refers to the 16th century middle age water castles. The castle is now a place where one can go to reflect, contemplate, study etc. The castle is not open for the public. Although it gates are wide open. I simply walked inside and the people were very friendly and did not object that I took pictures of the outside of the castle. Although the castle is not really old it is a beautiful example of a fairytale like castle. The surrounding park is also beautiful. You can find the castle in the village of Bonheiden.