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Castle Zevenbergen was located in the village of Ranst until it was destroyed in 1914. On the foundations of the old castle was a new tasteless building erected only some out buildings are left of this once majestic castle. The history of Zevenbergen goes back to 1461 when it is first mentioned in a deed. Castle Zevenbergen went through some rough times. The army of Maarten van Rossem besieged the castle in 1542 and damaged it severely. In 1590 the army of Spinola besieged the castle and destroyed it. The men of Ranst helped by their wife's were able to defend the keep witch stood separate from the main castle building. They withstood several attacks. The keep was so the only part that survived the siege. The castle was rebuild and stood proud until a fire destroyed the castle completely in 1914.
The domain is now in the hands of a catholic congregation, the nuns live in the old out buildings and on the foundations of the old castle a new boring building was erected. The park is open to walk in.